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10 ways to upgrade your bathroom on a budget during Coronavirus crisis.

There is nothing more stressing and demotivating than getting into a dirty, messy and cluttered bathroom. This is the place were we supposedly leave our worries, stress and dirt after a long working day. Or the one we visit very early in the morning.

However, thinking about renovation in these times might seem mission impossible. You might be feeling totally down, perhaps you were layed off from work. Right now you don't have the chance to pay nice materials and much less hiring professionals to do the job for you.

But what you CAN do is organizing your bathroom, and pepping it up a bit. Let us call this project "From chaos to harmony".

I can help you out of this by motivating you, please contact me to talk about your special case here.

So, let us no more bite around the bushes and let me quickly give you some tips:

1) Declutter: empty the whole bathroom and leave in there what obviously is not posible for you to remove: toilette, shower cabin, basin. Yes, leave it nacked, bring everything in baskets out of your bathroom, in this moment we won't sort out what we need or not, just put everything in a box for the moment and out of that room.

2) Now you need to do a deep cleansing of your bathroom. I normally leave a product working for 5 mins in the toilette, but if your toilette has scale, or has yellow stains, treat it a bit ahead of time. You might want to leave a solution of vinager overnight. There are other stronger products, but please be aware of danger: use gloves before applying it leave the window open and door locked. Later rinse, and wipe.

Clean the outer part of the toilette with 1 lt of water, 1 sp of Chlor and 1sp of a neutral detergent solution. Apply with a sponge, rinse and dry. (I use a ecological german brand called Neutral by Frosch ). The same mixture you can use for cleaning basin and bathtub/shower cabin.

3) There is not mold that resist the power of chlor, using it carefully you can remove the mold on the basin sewage and all those parts where mold have grown out of control. Leave some pure working on it. Open windows and leave it for 5 mins. Rinse with pure water.

4) Vacuum clean dust all over. I even use the vacuum all over the walls and inside the empty drawers.

5) Note that you shouldn't use chlor on marble surfaces, please be careful. If this is not the case, use also small quantity of chlor in the mopping mixture, which might be similar to the one used on the other bathroom pieces, however increase the neutral cleaner concentration.

Mop throroughly the flor, clean with a piece of good microfiber cloth those corners you can't reach.

6) I'd recommend to clean with a mixture of water (1 lt) , neutral detergent (2 spoons full) and rubbing alcohol (1 sp ). Clean first with a regular spong all dirt, rinse with water and then dry with a microfiber cloth specially designed for glass. Clean the window frame with the same solution, door knobs.

I know, that was a lot of dusting, washing, cleaning, polishing mirrors, but trust me on this: we need a white canvas for putting on our art.

7) Go back to your box with the items you put in there. Please, bring ONLY what you really really need. Nothing more, nothing less. What are those things? besides your toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo and conditioner and towel? or those of your love ones? No decoration items. Please, leave the rest in the box for the moment. Try to live a whole week without those items and tell me yourself if you miss them. Which ones would you bring back?

Whatever is left behind now please check if they should be tossed or only donated.

8) Look at your towels: are they of your liking? or are they still looking nice? if not, it is the right time to replace them, I would ask you to stop and meditate on this: decoration style, color palette. Please, don't rush to buy new ones if you are not sure about it.

I offer you my services as decorator for an affordable price. We can get in contact via Whatsapp, Zoom or Email and we can decide together your style and color palette. Together we can search the web to find beautiful decorative items and towels and a budget and which could be delievered to you.

With the last 8 tips you could recover your bathroom. Now you have a clean space with very little money invested.

Now, if you are willing to invest a bit more, continue reading.

9) There have been already for a while in the market specially designed colors for tiles, this could be a possibility to might want to explore taken into account what I mentioned in item 8.

But if your bathroom doesn't have any tiles but has been painted, then this is a great moment to change paint all over again. Continue reading my example below.

The bathroom at the bottom of this page is a typical example of minimalism. No tiles, white walls, simple lines. How could you transform yours into one alike? Depending on your bathroom size and door and windows position, installing a wall-to-wall surface would really make most of your metres.

For a harmonic effect, add a wall-to-wall mirror which will optically enlarge your bathroom, will reflect the light giving a "light-like-a-fether" effect. Custom made mirrors you could ordered online, for instance, at FM&G in the UK or at MySpiegel in Germany.

10) If your budget permits, and provided you already know which colors and style match your taste and If you are a "handy Manny" get from your local warehouse online store 2 custom sized boards, which match your style and color palette. You could install a new basin like in this online shop: Terrazo-Becken.

If you need more support on how renovating your bathroom, please do not hesitate to contact me, I am really happy to help. :-)

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